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Master Arch: The humanity of the Findom fetish

February 22, 2022 Dr Joe Kort Season 3 Episode 11
Master Arch: The humanity of the Findom fetish
Smart Sex, Smart Love with Dr Joe Kort
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Smart Sex, Smart Love with Dr Joe Kort
Master Arch: The humanity of the Findom fetish
Feb 22, 2022 Season 3 Episode 11
Dr Joe Kort

“Someone asked me to choke him for a fee, and that is how it all started,” reports Master Arch, a fetish worker, ProDom, fetish creator, death escort and financial fetishist. Master Arch has been on the scene a long time and has a great deal to share about the Findom fetish. 

Financial domination (also known as Findom) is now more widely accepted; it no longer is a passing fad, Master Arch points out during a Smart Sex, Smart Love podcast. It goes beyond fetish in the world of BDSM, and it is ethical, moral and therapeutic, Master Arch notes. “We discuss the terms of the relationship beforehand and have a meeting of the minds to ensure all transactions and actions are consensual. The client is ready to relinquish financial control to me and become my slave.” Like other BDSM activities, financial domination requires boundaries and communication, he adds.

During this Smart Sex, Smart Love podcast, Master Arch also discusses his work as a death escort – helping people who are looking for one last erotic experience – and how people can benefit from talking about fetishes. To learn more about how Master Arch has helped countless people through his work – which he does “very ethically,” he asserts, listen to this podcast.

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“Someone asked me to choke him for a fee, and that is how it all started,” reports Master Arch, a fetish worker, ProDom, fetish creator, death escort and financial fetishist. Master Arch has been on the scene a long time and has a great deal to share about the Findom fetish. 

Financial domination (also known as Findom) is now more widely accepted; it no longer is a passing fad, Master Arch points out during a Smart Sex, Smart Love podcast. It goes beyond fetish in the world of BDSM, and it is ethical, moral and therapeutic, Master Arch notes. “We discuss the terms of the relationship beforehand and have a meeting of the minds to ensure all transactions and actions are consensual. The client is ready to relinquish financial control to me and become my slave.” Like other BDSM activities, financial domination requires boundaries and communication, he adds.

During this Smart Sex, Smart Love podcast, Master Arch also discusses his work as a death escort – helping people who are looking for one last erotic experience – and how people can benefit from talking about fetishes. To learn more about how Master Arch has helped countless people through his work – which he does “very ethically,” he asserts, listen to this podcast.

JOE KORT  0:05  
Welcome to Smart sex smart love. We're talking about sex goes beyond the taboo and talking about love goes beyond the honeymoon. today. Our podcast title is the humanity of Finn dumb fetish personalities encountered. My guest today is Master Arch, a fetish worker pro Dom, fetish creator death escort and financial fetishist Master Arch has been on the scene a long time has it been a great deal to share about sex, fetish and sex work? Today he'll talk about the humanity of the fandom fetish, and personalities that he's encountered. Welcome, sir arch. I'm happy to have you as a guest.

Master Arch  0:41  
Thank you. It's nice to be here, Dr. Cort.

JOE KORT  0:44  
Yeah. And you know, there's some words here that people aren't going to understand so we can just get right into it. Is that okay? Sure. Go for it. All right. So let's just you know, you describe yourself as a fetish worker fetish creator. What does that mean?

Master Arch  0:57  
So most of my sex work has been in the arena of fetish. So it hasn't been prostitution, it hasn't been the traditional route. It's been more going right for the kinky people and talking to them directly. And in that, creating fetishes around things that don't really hit the conventional button goes beyond BDSM goes beyond fetish brings different fetishes to light. And I think when I started financial domination was one of those things. People just hadn't heard about it. People didn't understand it. They didn't understand the words I was using for it. And now it's widely more accepted.

JOE KORT  1:35  
I know and people are thinking that it's a passing fad. I don't believe that, right? You've been doing this a long time.

Master Arch  1:39  
I don't. I think there might be some troubles in the future with banking. But I think that most people will understand what the Fetish entails whether or not they understand it, they can figure it out. What do you think

JOE KORT  1:52  
about there's so many people now especially on Twitter, going on just for the money, they don't really they're doing it? Because they think, Oh, I can tell somebody what to do, and they'll pay me.

Master Arch  2:01  
I think that there's always the appeal there to make free quick money. I think that once you get involved in it, you understand it's a lot more involved in that. Usually, when I see guys that are out for the quick buck, you usually see them a couple months later saying why don't I have any slaves? Why don't I have anybody serving me? And it's because you took the wrong approach, you did the wrong things, you know, this is where paid mentorship would really come in handy to and older fandoms discussing with the younger fandoms about how to do this ethically, morally, you know, therapeutically.

JOE KORT  2:38  
So can you describe what is financial domination?

Master Arch  2:42  
Financial domination takes many, many different forms, I would say I would say that it could be simply an inferior handing a superior money as a tribute as a sign of respect as a sign of humility. It could also be seeing that somebody is using their money for what wasteful needful things and putting them on a force budget, tightening up their finances to make sure everything is in order and then any extra making a point of showing them how helpless they are taking that for yourself. Putting that somewhere where they can use it later. I mean, it just domination of finances is what it is for me. And we one has a different opinion about it. For me. That's what it entails either hurting your finances because I'm an emotional sadist. I'm in financial status, or putting you on a budget making sure everything's in order. Making sure the rest goes to me. And just

JOE KORT  3:43  
so people can understand when you say emotional and financial sadist. This is a erotic it's not like you're a scammer or something because people will. moronic Yes, yeah, that's really important. Because otherwise people just think it's, you know, non consensual or something. No, right.

Master Arch  3:59  
Everything's negotiated. Everything is talked about everything is communicated way before anything happens.

JOE KORT  4:07  
I like to call a BDSM. Without rope.

Master Arch  4:11  
BDSM is a little it's more a fetish. Because again, you're not getting the bondage. You're not getting right. sadomasochism in the traditional senses. But creating fetishes around this. That's where that comes from.

JOE KORT  4:25  
Yeah, and the money is really what's the like binding you that's why I think, yeah,

Master Arch  4:30  
yeah. Yep, absolutely. The submission that most of these guys is giving is cash. Yes, yes.

JOE KORT  4:37  
Can you talk about the death fetish you that's your creation and what is it?

Master Arch  4:42  
So it's a death escort. And what I found was in the last five years, a few of my friends became terminal was either cancer or a disease that would take them out of commission. So they came to me with one last request knowing I was a sex worker knowing I was unapologetic medically me, they confided in me that they were terminal and asked for one last erotic exchange. One last fetish exchange one last something before they passed on, and before it got bad. And for me, it just opened up a weird thought of like, look, there are death, doulas, there are birth, doulas, there are people that escort people into this world so to speak, why aren't there people that escort people out of this world and give those people the opportunity to have one last erotic experience? Before they can't? And I've found that there's a lot of people responding to this, a lot of people are coming to me and saying this is a really good idea. So I think there is a need for it. There is a need for people to acknowledge that both the elderly and the dying are still sexual.

JOE KORT  5:54  
Yeah, no, thank you. That's great. And I think that that's, that's an important thing. So people understand what you're saying and doing is really granting somebody something that they're longing for. Maybe they never did it. But now that they're dying, they're like, now I want to try it. Well,

Master Arch  6:07  
and a lot of people don't talk about it either. I mean, it just like when people say people's final wishes, it doesn't usually include being erotic with a hot streak. You know, like it just they're not gonna tell their families that it's very, it's shame filled, it's, there's a lot of releasing that goes with that as well.

JOE KORT  6:25  
Yeah. So how did you even get involved in financial domination?

Master Arch  6:29  
So the fetish of financial domination was kind of something they had in my head for a long time. And I had been involved in Fetish Sex work a few times before that, but it wasn't anything. Financial domination, like I took tributes for what I did, and I had a customer named owl who used to pay me to do choke holds on him, it was simply just get behind him, put him in a chokehold, choke him out, flat fee. And I loved it. I absolutely loved it. We both had a great time with it. One day, he brought me over to his house, and he had shown me because I talked to him about this, that he had signed me up for a Yahoo email address, and sign me to the first two Catchmaster groups on Yahoo groups. Now at that time, there were me and like five other guys, like it was just it was me trying to find people that wanted to pay to be ignored. People that wanted to pay tribute. I mean, it just, we were kind of like the village people with our bastardization of masculinity where like, we had a, we had an Indian, we had a leather guy, we had a skinhead. We're all just kind of finding our feet with this and finding out where we could fill the fetish. And it just with those first few guys, like we had to come together and be like, what do we see here, we had to kind of meet our minds and put out there very explicitly what our intent was. Um, and we had to tell people a lot that look, we're fetishizing ripping you off. We're fetishizing taking attacks from you. We're doing all these things, erotically. And we're presenting ourselves as providers of that, but we didn't really have the clientele yet. So it just, it was a matter of putting ourselves out there, what we were into, and reaping the benefits from that.

JOE KORT  8:20  
And I just want to keep repeating consensually, ripping somebody off. So in other words, people are wanting and asking you please rip me off. I want to have that experience. It's play.

Master Arch  8:30  
Right. Right. It is play. And I think that that was one of the things we found early on is that people just really like to play. Yeah, people just really like to open up their minds, open up their wallets that will follow, you know, and although they weren't into it right away, they would come back a couple months later and be like, Okay, I've warmed up to this idea. What do you see happening more, you know, so it was really hard to convince people that this is what we were into, because there was really nobody to match us.

JOE KORT  9:02  
Yeah, right. And I want to also clarify something because you say it's a sexual fetish, but um, people would say what a chokehold that's not sexual. That's not sex. So can you explain that?

Master Arch  9:14  
I think that for most fetishists an act, or a piece of clothing or something, that's their sex. You know, we have to take away this idea of penis and vagina or penis in anus or whatever it is that you're having as conventional sex and understanding that someone with a fetish, your feet are the sex the money is the sex, yes, the act, the leather, the whatever is the sex. You know, however, erotically charged or however sexual, it may be for them. As a practitioner, I can present my feet and be okay with a guy licking my feet. and not have any sexual exchange between us. Right? And him walking away satisfied fulfilled satiated the same way someone would

JOE KORT  10:10  
just had sex. And he may or may not be masturbating. No, no, yeah,

Master Arch  10:15  
nine times out of 10. I don't require and don't allow that in session,

JOE KORT  10:21  
see anything other people's minds? You know, they think well, what then what is it? But it's still fulfilling just like you said,

Master Arch  10:27  
right, right, right.

JOE KORT  10:31  
I just worked with a couple and his why he just discovered his wife was online with some guy talking to man about spanking, right. And he said, Well, I and then they talked about, well, I don't really want to do that. He said, and then she said, Well, could I meet the man? And he was like, Well, I don't want it to turn into sex. And I had to say this exact same thing to him. For many people. The spanking is the sex, and it may never turn into P IV, penis and vagina at all

Master Arch  10:55  
right? And it may be that he may go get spanked and then come home and have sex with his wife. And that's the best sex they're ever gonna have.

JOE KORT  11:02  
Yes, right. Right. So a lot of people call that foreplay, but it's not it's sex for these people. Right. So you'll also know you talked about having male, do identity stuff like that identify as I know, you don't like labels. So tell your joke, I liked your joke.

Master Arch  11:17  
Well, labels for me, I mean, it just at the start of it, I really, really think that there are a lot of people that wanted the straight guy label and the label around straight acting a straight masculine status DOM. I never really cared too much about the sexual aspect of this because I'm into women. It turned me on mentally to do this with guys but not physically. And I think being straight put me at the advantage because I could think unhindered by sexual attraction and really focus on the actions and mental fucking I was doing. The gay male elders and Old Guard had a real problem with the fact that I was a straight guy playing with gay men. Why I owned it, just because it didn't fit their mold. Like it was totally okay to fetishize a straight guy. But it wasn't okay to hook up with a straight guy and not have sex with them. Yeah, you know, there was a lot of talk about, oh, you're exploiting these people, you're taking money from sick people, and you're pushing gay men back in the closet. But it was really providing people an outlet for fetishes that didn't fit in the dungeon. That's the old word had this sense of when you read Greg manases urban Aboriginals, it's piercing piercing. I mean, there's just such conventional SM that this didn't fit into, but it still was powerexchange. It was still, you know, fit into fetish. But the straight aspect of it, and the fact that I wouldn't have sex with these guys. That was the thing they had the most trouble was just that I wasn't having sex with these guys. And I wouldn't pick a label, at the end of the day job, the only label I want on me as the Gucci, because it's not, it's not something that binds me, I don't want to be bound by that. I want to be who I want to be. And I want to meet people that want to be who they want to be without label without any of that. Yeah, you've

JOE KORT  13:21  
been doing this a long time. And things have changed. And I like how you went against the old guard or whomever the people are and who don't understand. And you stood up and said, No, this is how it's going to be this is what I do. And I'm finding people that enjoy this.

Master Arch  13:33  
I've had to defend myself numerous times. For this many different leather communities, in many different organizations. I think now the marginalization of it, I don't really go back and be like, hey, what do you think of that now? You know, kind of rub it in their face a little, but I kind of feel like it because it's just like, I don't think anybody thought it would be this big. I don't think anybody thought it would be this lucrative. I don't think anybody would be this, you know, expansive,

JOE KORT  14:05  
but it was so hard to find in the beginning, right, because the social media, we were

Master Arch  14:09  
using AOL chat rooms and Yahoo groups that we were just kind of hoping that people would understand us. Yeah, you know, it just, we had very little words around things. But we had to be perfectly clear with our intent with people you had to be explicitly clear with what we were going to do to people within this fetish before you actually anything.

JOE KORT  14:32  
I like I just feel like money is a fetishized anyways in so many ways in marriages and relationships and exchanges between friends. So I mean things so you just you're just making it overt between people and it's in sexual Iraq template.

Master Arch  14:47  
Well, and I think to from what I've learned from working in the gay arena as a straight guy, is that gay men can fetishize just about anything? Yeah. So it just it learning that and teaching that to straight people. saying that it's okay to have fetishes around feet. It's okay to have fetishes around money. It's, uh, you know, come to terms with who you are.

JOE KORT  15:09  
Right? Right. And we're looking as therapists, sex therapists research is showing that this is people's identity. This isn't always just some like, Oh, I just want to do this and dabble into it. For some people, it's who they are. Would you say this is who you are on the fin DOM side.

Master Arch  15:23  
I think that who I am as a person is a multifaceted individual. That fetish worker is just one part of that. I wouldn't say it defines who I am. By any means. It's more along the lines of this is how I chose to make my money for all these years. I've got in a little bit deeper than I want to do and understanding people's kingsun fetishes and I'm okay with that. I think more an identity I would choose is just kinky, just, you know, all around accepting of every fetish, every kink every everything anybody would come with more pride myself on being non judgmental in that arena.

JOE KORT  16:06  
Yeah, no. And it's it comes across just talking to you. You talked earlier about being an emotional masochist. You you'll meet with people like that. What's it what is that?

Master Arch  16:14  
So in the early days, I'm, I'm more of an erotic emotional Satanist. And that just means that I like hurting people's feelings. And in the beginning, I attracted a lot of guys that wanted to play with an eroticised shame, guilt, fear, etc. It took a short time to recognize that their masochism was sometimes not only physical, but sometimes it was purely emotional. And I have learned this mentality working with couples and wanting their partners to openly cheat and rub it in their faces. I do believe that cook holds in cash slaves are kind of cut from the same cloth. But as it is very emotionally charged, play and faces very heavy feelings that someone might otherwise have to go to therapy and face. This type of BDSM is not a replacement for therapy. But it certainly unlocks things in the same way. And I openly enjoy these taboo thoughts and help eroticized them for the people that has they're sexually heavily linked to them.

JOE KORT  17:16  
I love what you're saying I'm I do a Mago relationship therapy. It's all about healing takes place in the context of a emotional and romantic relationship. But healing can also take place in a sexual relationship with somebody and that's what you're talking about.

Master Arch  17:29  
Right? Right, anything once someone comes to terms with the fact that it's the shame and the guilt, that's turning them on, that's a major step. That's a major step. And it can either be seen as productive, as now I can move forward or kind of unproductive of oh man, who am I going to find a fulfill this with? Like, there's just this sense of like, once you know what you're into the freeing nature of that. And then the isolating nature of that of finding partners and people to do that weird fucked up thing?

JOE KORT  18:04  
Yeah. It really you really like a sex therapist? In some ways? You know?

Master Arch  18:08  
I mean, I feel like I've gotten an education through what I do 100% ensure Gender, and Sexuality both.

JOE KORT  18:17  
What would you say is your most memorable client?

Master Arch  18:21  
I think that every client I see is memorable. I don't want to pick favorites. But I think there are some names that I'm going to drop that just these are the people that really like, yeah, just stood out for one reason or another. If I could just give shout outs

JOE KORT  18:43  
at the real names, right?

Master Arch  18:46  
No, this is, this is all these are all monitors. I would like to give my shout outs to our latex Laurie, pointy Ralphie Panda, spider, trash, pussy, and rock God. And I just got to say if you know, you know, but those are the ones that really just

JOE KORT  19:07  
what are the elements though? Like what is it? Do you have to be specific but like, what was it that you're like, Can I really got something from that?

Master Arch  19:14  
I mean, I think that everybody kind of has their own little superpower so to speak. It just these are people that really just put it out there as just above and beyond. Like, wow, wow, there's one I'm not gonna say which one but there's one of those people that I just mentioned that they wanted to be suffocated. You know, the Kraft Singles, crappy cheese. They wanted to be suffocated with the cheese film. Just just the cheese, plastic. Okay, that was how specific they wanted their suffocation. Yeah, so I just anybody who can narrow it down that implicitly has A special place in my heart for

JOE KORT  20:02  
Alright, that fascinates you more.

Master Arch  20:04  
I love I love the weird. I love the unusual. I love the twists and turns that it can take and I love being able to provide that for someone. This is why I like having

JOE KORT  20:15  
you on. I've had other financial dumbs pin downs on I've had a woman on that I had a porn star on Myles Stryker. And I just want to humanize you, I want people to hear this and and you know, because it's easy to go up, I'm having to discuss response and what's wrong with that person and hear these words you're using. And I want them to listen, if they're willing to listen to you and just understand you're working with people that want this and like this. And you like it, too. It's not like you're just phoning it in.

Master Arch  20:42  
Right? Right. And I just I think that being clear with what you want on both ends is definitely definitely a plus, I think that there's a major advantage to being able to clearly identify what it is that you want to get out of the scene. The pitfalls that couldn't counter during the scene. I mean, it just communication is key. Yeah.

JOE KORT  21:07  
What do you and what do you think the future looks like for you and your profession?

Master Arch  21:11  
It's hard to say what the future is going to look like. Because, you know, it's already evolved so much in the current arena, like the fetish of giving money to a superior has been around longer than me and you. And I think it will always be there to some degree. But I think that now issues with banking, I think issues with MasterCard, those are going to be the things that are going to hold people up in the future. I think that however kinky people might be, there is that aspect of beyond the reality. I mean, there's certain fetishes like vor. And just weird stuff that you can't do this in person. Yeah, I don't know how familiar you are with vor. But someone who's being swallowed by like a snake like, creature and it just like, how do you do that? How do you feel that you know, and that's the challenge that most people are gonna have to face and I find it exciting to work around the things to still fulfill the fetishes. Yeah, still get those things met so hard to say where the future is gonna hold? Because, again, banking and institutions just do not want to do business with sex workers.

JOE KORT  22:27  
Right, right. And then the tax scene, and it cuz there's a whole bunch of stuff to probably think about,

Master Arch  22:32  
well pay your taxes. I mean, that's for sure. I mean, it the people that are going to make this fetish look good are the people that are representing it by paying their taxes doing this ethically doing this beautifully. You know, like, yeah, there are certain things that if you're gonna do this, you have to do these other things with it. It is very important.

JOE KORT  22:52  
Well, here's what I love about you, is that you do this with integrity, you know, everything we're talking about is done with integrity. It's not done on the fly.

Master Arch  23:00  
Well, it's a fetish that's been demonized consistently through my career. And however, I choose to express myself in this, you have to have integrity, you have to have some sense of know how because, you know, otherwise, you're an amateur, the otherwise you there are problems that you encounter. And I think that I'm kind of the person that's done it all and can talk to people about ways to do it differently. ways to do it ethically, ways to do it therapeutically, with you know, like, yeah, it's just

JOE KORT  23:36  
so how can people find you?

Master Arch  23:39  
On night flirt? Master earch.

JOE KORT  23:42  
Wait on either night flirt so people know they don't know what that is.

Master Arch  23:45  
Night flirt is a service that allows you to interact with me pay to view pay to talk. I use it primarily for consulting. I talk to people in there use that as the deposit.

JOE KORT  24:01  
Okay, nightclothes I think it's an IT EFLIR or

Master Arch  24:06  
something correct? Yeah, it just gives us an avenue to talk to each other where I feel like I'm being reimbursed where you feel like you're being listened to. Um, I also have Twitter, all for arch on Twitter. And I have my website all for

JOE KORT  24:25  
and we'll definitely put that all on the website too when this goes up. I really want to thank you would you want to say any last words before we come to an end?

Master Arch  24:33  
No, I thank you for the time and just the opportunity to talk about something I feel very strongly about really feel that more people could benefit talking about and not necessarily financial but just fetish in general and just what it is that turns them on I think that's always a good conversation have unabashedly with somebody. Yeah,

JOE KORT  24:53  
me too. Thank you so much for being here. I really mean it, Mr. Arch, and for joining me on smart sex smart love. And for those of you You're listening. I hope you enjoyed it. And you can hear more of my podcasts at Smart sex smart, love calm. And you can also follow me on Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook. You just go to all of those and find at Dr. Joe court Dr. JOEK RT. And then I have a website Joe Thanks for listening everyone. Stay safe, stay healthy, and we'll see you next time.